Giovanni Frazzetto


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‘Engaging... very refreshing. His analogies and images when explaining the science are often illuminating and sometimes inspired’

Henry Marsh, The Times

’Intriguing... eye-opening. Frazzetto explains with admirable clarity’

James McConnachie,The Sunday Times

‘Wonderfully lucid’

Lisa Appignanesi, Author of Mad, Bad and Sad and All About Love

How We Feel among the Observer Psychology Books of 2013!

‘Most interesting book of the year. Masterful meld of science, art and memoir on what makes us human’

Allen Frances, MD, author of Saving Normal

‘Frazzetto’s book guides readers through the latest neurological research, stopping at each revelation to question what has been discovered’

Philip Maughan, New Statesman

‘’Frazzetto has produced an homage to the history and of mankind’s devotion to flights of the heart and sparks of the brain’

Publisher’s Weekly

Esra Rotthoff

Neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto enters the restless realm of human emotion through the portals of physiology, genetics, history, art and philosophy. Anger, guilt, anxiety, grief, empathy, joy and love are anatomized in turn, enlivened with research on everything from the role of monoamine oxidase A in anger to the engagement of opioid receptors as we thrill to music.

Barbara Kiser, Nature

‘I finished feeling that I had learned a lot effortlessly’

Matt Chorley, Popular Science UK